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abbling brooks
pour gently off of
rocky cliffs, creat-
ing misty, mystical
scenes. Secret falls hide in green
river canyons. Grand cascades
announce their dominance
with roars heard from far off.
No matter the size or location,
waterfalls capture our attention
and our imagination. Stand back
and let these trailside waterfalls
take your breath away.
Ruby Falls, Guild-Hardy Trail,
Deep within the caverns of Lookout
Mountain, near Chattanooga, Tenn., is
a true gem: an underground waterfall
cascading 145 feet down, contained
fully within the heart of the mountain
itself. The cascade, discovered in 1928,
is named Ruby Falls after the wife of
Leo Lambert, one of the explorers who
first discovered the site. Above ground,
the five-mile Guild-Hardy Trail is used
by walkers, cyclists and nature enthu-
siasts wanting to soak in the natural
wonders of Lookout Mountain from
another perspective.
The partnership established between
Ruby Falls management and Lookout
Mountain Conservancy, which main-
tains the trail, serves both organiza-
tions, and their camaraderie is worth
noting. Ruby Falls has put conservation
at the top of its list of priorities, making
its relationship with the conservancy
a natural fit. The Guild-Hardy Trail
also runs right through the parking lot
of Ruby Falls—an advantage for both
groups. “We bring each other users,”
says Robyn Carlton, president of the
conservancy. “We help each other, and
we give each other recognition.”
By Katie Harris
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