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Devil's Bathtub, Devil's Fork Loop Trail, Virginia
Amazing rock formations, waterfalls and swimming
holes offer plenty to see and do along the Devil's Fork
Loop Trail in southwest Virginia. A crisp stream drops
from one ledge to the next, tumbling over shelves of
shale and beneath moss-covered banks. While minor
waterfalls dot the length of the stream, the main attrac-
tion is Devil's Bathtub, located 1.5 miles from the
trailhead. The emerald pool beckons as green-blue water
swings down the sandstone slide and fills the tub. Jump
Note: The Devil's Fork Loop Trail is a far cry from
your “typical” rail-trail, and it’s not for the faint of heart.
In fact, with 18 stream crossings, 1,200 feet of elevation
change, and a fair amount of exposure and scrambling,
this seven-mile trail should be tackled only by those up
for a challenge and prepared—mentally and physically—
for wet feet and a taxing experience.
Dawn sanders
Michael speed/michaelspeed.com
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