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Buttermilk and Luke’s Falls, D&L
Trail—Lehigh Gorge State Park Trail,
A duo of waterfalls adorns the D&L
Trail—Lehigh Gorge State Park Trail in
eastern Pennsylvania. Buttermilk Falls,
the larger of the two, is just a quarter
mile north of the Rockport access point.
Luke’s Falls, equally as gorgeous, is the
same distance south of Rockport.
In winter, the flow of both falls
declines significantly, so if you’re looking
to see the falls at their peak, a springtime
visit is best. Usually the waterfalls don’t
interfere with the trail, even during peak
flow. But according to Park Manager
Dave Madl, a significant rain event result-
ed in a bit of flooding a few years ago
and relocated an unlikely guest—a rogue
brook trout—to the middle of the trail!
The tributaries flow beneath the trail
to the Lehigh River, which the trail paral-
lels for its 26 miles. Numerous smaller
falls make the rock face glisten on one
side of the trail, while the other side offers
river views.
Luke's Falls
Buttermilk Falls
hans sponberg
Photo courtesy Charmar via Flickr | CC 2.0
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