Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
Dave Kohlun
Glastonbury, CT
Tacoma, Washington
Latest or greatest accomplishment:
Completing my first solo
flight. I have done a lot of flying as a passenger and crew mem-
ber, but when you are alone and solely responsible for operat-
ing a plane and landing it safely it is a very real and satisfying
I am:
Married with a 7-year-old son and a 3-year-old daugh-
ter. My wife and I like to spend time riding rail-trails with
our kids, and often seek vacation destinations near rail-trails.
I like being outside, so really enjoy working in the yard, and
going for rides and hikes in the local area. A couple of years
ago I started geocaching with my son, and we now spend a
good deal of time looking for caches while on vacation.
I’d rather be:
Traveling. It is my dream to live abroad for a
short period of time, to expose my kids to a different culture,
and to understand the local language.
A meaningful life story:
My love of hiking and biking started
when I was young. My mother would take us on hikes in
nearby parks and state forests, and would let us select the
trails that we would hike. I liked being able to pick the dif-
ferent color trail markers, and being able to follow the path
from blaze to blaze and keep track of where we were on the
map. I cherish the time we spent together on the trail and to
this day I am most relaxed when I am with a group riding or
hiking on a trail. A bond comes from the shared experience
and accomplishment of the objective together. I developed a
close bond with my family when I was a kid, and now as an
adult I try to create those opportunities for new bonds with
my wife, children, friends and family.
A person I admire:
My mother. She was a single parent and I
am not sure how she handled that with two boys.
Recent rail-trail trip:
Why I use the Matching Gift Program to boost my sup-
port to Rails-to-Trails Conservancy:
My employer is gener-
ous in supporting its employees’ interests, so I think it is
worthwhile to take advantage of the program. The world is
getting smaller, as open spaces and public lands are turned
into developments. Converting unused railroads into public
spaces provides people with avenues to explore.
You can double and even triple your donation to Rails-to-
Trails Conservancy through the Employer Matching Gifts
Program. To see if your employer has a Matching Gift
Program, visit
r call 202.974.5105.